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Tire Maintenance | Hermiston, OR

Tire Maintenance | Hermiston, OR
The condition of your tires has a big impact on the quality of your car’s performance. Fortunately, tire maintenance is one of the easiest routines to remember and put into practice.
When it comes to tire maintenance, there are a few things to be aware of. The first is tire pressure. It’s easy to check your tire pressure with a portable pressure gauge. Get in the habit of checking the PSI of your tires—including the spare—every few times you get gas, especially in colder seasons. Cold weather causes tire pressure to drop, and good tire pressure is particularly important in rainy and snowy seasons. Tires get the best traction and provide the most control to drivers when they’re inflated to the correct PSI. Not only do properly inflated tires make your vehicle safer, but they also make your car perform as efficiently as possible.
Another thing to look for in your tires is good tread. You can use a penny to see whether your tread is worn too much. Place a penny with Lincoln’s head down into the tread. If you can see any of his head, your tread is too worn. Tires with worn tread are called bald
tires, and have very poor traction compared to a tire with tread. You’re far more likely to slide on a wet road if you’re driving on bald tires. With that in mind, keeping tires with good traction is extremely important around here, where Oregon rain showers can keep the roads wet for days at a time.
If you see that one of your tires seems to have low tread, or some obvious indication of damage, use your spare. Damage might show up in the form of a crack or a bump. If you catch damage early, you can avoid a dangerous situation on the road and may have a chance to get the tire repaired.
If your tires are in need of maintenance, stop by Toms Car Country and we can help you make sure you’re driving on a safe and efficient set of wheels.

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