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Brake Maintenance | Hermiston, OR

Brake Maintenance | Hermiston, OR
The winter season is upon us, and the weather likely won't be lightening up anytime soon. That means that your car needs to be ready to tackle those slippery roads. Make sure you stay safe by keeping up with your car’s brake maintenance.

Importance of Brake Maintenance

Brakes do a lot for your vehicle. Most obviously, they stop your car’s movement, but that's not exactly accurate. Brakes actually stop the wheels from turning, which leads to the tires having more friction with the ground, causing them to stop. With this in mind, it's clear how important your brakes are, especially in the winter. The five parts of a brake must all work well together to effectively stop in time.

The Signs

So, how do you know something is wrong with the brakes? If you can hear them. Typically, you shouldn't hear the brakes, but if the brake pads are wearing down, you might hear a shrill, screeching sound. There also might be a metallic grinding noise.

There are other signs, as well. If your car takes longer to stop than usual, that's an indication that there might be an air leak in the brake hose. If your brake linings are wearing unevenly, your vehicle might be pulling to one side while braking.

Tips for Prevention

If you want to prevent brake problems before they happen, be gentle on the brakes! If you’re steady and gradual with their use, rather than sudden and intense, they'll take longer to wear. Practice braking more gradually instead of suddenly.
Also, be sure to use your right foot only to brake. No double-tapping! Even just resting your left foot on the brake pedal can cause it to be used much more than it should be.

Where to Get Help

If you need help with brake maintenance, Tom's Car Country’s service department is here to help. We have an experienced team here that will help you with your brakes or any other car problems you're encountering.

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